I really, really like how this cartoon looks. Texture and detail, that’s what sells, and this panel has lots of both. The tombstones and gargoyles are all cheap Halloween decorations. The fall leaves are plucked from a roll of decorative wire garland I found at a craft store. The trees are probably Christmas decorations, found at a thrift store. The bushes in the background are plastic aquarium plants. The boom box is a novelty fridge magnet, and the lounge chair is a fashion doll item. All together, it just makes me happy. Probably doesn’t make it funnier, but I like it.

As for “Minion Number 13,” he or she is frequently mentioned but never seen, probably because the turn-over on that particular number probably averages about 15 minutes. Star Trek has its red-shirts. Minions at Work has its number 13s.