Not a lot to talk about with this one. I discovered many years ago that a common promotional give-away by garbage disposal companies are these little simulated roller-bins. I’ve found a number of them in thrift stores imprinted with the names of various disposal companies. They’re not quite to scale, more like 1/10th than 1/6th scale, but since these bins come in multiple sizes, they pass. The “Frankenstein” monster they’re disposing of is maybe the best thing to come out of the wretched 2004 “Van Helsing” movie, starring Hugh “I’m awesome at everything but picking good movies to appear in” Jackman. It’s fairly well articulated, has a removable skullcap with a brain in side, the “heart” lights up, and he even has cloth pants with braces over the outside. Also, because the movie sucked so hard, I think I got him on Amazon for about $4. Win!