If you missed last week’s introduction to this story, find it HERE!

No “Bonus Panel” this week because this is part of a continuing storyline. Also, didn’t think of one.

I’m BARELY posting this on time this week, and it was a struggle to do even that. It was only on a whim that I decided to do this origin story last week,  and it’s pretty complicated to shoot, what with multiple setups and flashbacks. I even had to come up with a new, ongoing character (you’ll see her soon)! Only then did I discover that a crate with much of my Christmas stuff was lost in the “roof-blew-off-the-garage-everything-went-to-storage-or-got-stacked-in-my-office-building-a-new-building-that-keeps-getting-delayed” adventure that is ongoing. So I had to scramble to revise my idea, rebuild or buy some replacement props, build a new set, and then shoot all those different setups and time periods. Hopefully it will all work out, and the remaining installments will come quicker. (Hopefully I don’t need any reshoots!)

I’m not sure how many more pages this will run, but it SHOULD wrap up naturally just before Christmas. If it runs longer, then you may get some bonus pages between then and now. Stay tuned!