An all new Minions at Work 2.o prequel cartoon! I’m going to make an effort (no promises) to come up with something new every week until the MAW 2.0 relaunch. I dunno if it will be page or a panel, and I doubt much of it will be new photography, but I’ll do what I can do.

This one was a challenge, as I had a variety of angles on this lab scene with Doctor Wallstreet and Doctor Funkeystein, but the only thing that really moved between shots, for some reason, was Doctor Head-in-a-jar who was sitting on the shelf in the background. Eventually, that become part of the joke.

I leave it to the reader’s imagination and/or nightmares to figure out how Doctor Head-in-a-jar is able to scoot his jar around. I theorize it might have something to do with the tongue. Ewww!