I still haven’t gotten the drill for these “bonus panels.” I’d intended to put one on every cartoon, but then a lot of the pages in the serial story really didn’t lend themselves to one. So until I figure that part out, maybe sometimes you’ll get one, sometimes you won’t. Or maybe you’ll get TWO. Or six. I dunno. Still finding my way.

Meanwhile, good news on our building project. The revised plans have been approved by the city as of today, and now all we have to do is navigate scheduling around the bad weather we’ve been having lately and get our contractor and engineer over here (across a low mountain pass) to do the modifications so we can get our final structural inspection done. Then we can insulate, do the trim, put in the gutters, and finally start loading all these crates of Minions at Work props into their new home (and out of my office/photo studio).

Close! So close! (Yes, that’s what we ALWAYS say just before the Forces of Good burst in and thwart our evil plans.)

See you next week! Thanks for reading!

– Minion Master Steve