Okay, remember that other comic, with Doctor Coldblood climbing into his escape pod, and the hollow volcano apparently about to self destruct, and I said that might be CHRONOLOGICALLY the last Minions at Work 1.0 comic? Well, now I stumble on this one, and maybe THIS is the last comic. Certainly it leads into my plans for the setup of 2.0.

Occasionally I have “guest appearances” by authorized action figures (parody fair-use under copyright, y’all!). Being able to do a line-up of genre bad-guys at the unemployment office was a lot of one. You may not (in fact, probably won’t) recognize the alien guy sitting in the front though. He came with a GI Joe Adventure Team set called “Planet Xenome,” which included a GI Joe in sparkly, a disco-blue space suit, and one of three aliens (they actually used the same body mold, just in different colors, with different heads and hands). This one is my favorite, playing as he does to the stereotypical 1950s UFO alien.