I was actually looking through my old Minions at Work photo files today, thinking about doing some more “practice” MAW 1.5 comic while I wait for the relaunch, and was looking at the shots I had from this photo-shoot, thinking about what I could do with them.

I really highlighted how photography needs to change from 1.o. I took this scene from lots of different angles, and I MIGHT be able to come up with a multi-panel comic out of them, but the problem is, in none of them did I move the figures. I really should have had the woman looking at the dinosaur in some of them. I should have had her gesturing as though she were talking. I should have had number 2 in different positions, and looking at the dinosaur, and looking away from both her AND the dinosaur, and looking down, and maybe one without the dinosaur at all, and one of him knocking, and standing in front of the close door, and… You get the idea. It’s what makes mining the old photography for multi-panel comics so challenging.