Okay, I was just so happy with this little set that I had to pat myself on the back. Lots of nicely textured details here, nice color, mostly dollar store and thrift store junk. The globe in the foreground is salvaged from a broken solar yard light. The wall panels are foam Halloween tombstones from a dollar store. The chrome skull is a thrift store Halloween mask. The gargoyles are dollar store items. The pedestals they’re sitting on are some nice aluminium heat-sinks that somebody (possibly as a promotional give-away) made into pencil cups (also thrift store finds). The throne is a fashion doll item. The “Asian rugs” are decorative items of some sort, also from the thrift store. The stone egg on the right is a bit of a mystery. It was given to me by the “egg guy,” who used to go around town handing out these polished stone eggs to random strangers. I have no idea why, and he passed away a few years ago. Strange. The big globe on the right is worth more than the whole set put together. It’s a hand-blown, art-glass, fishing float made by a local artist. I “borrowed” it from the house for this shoot, but the decorative metal stand is again, a thrift-store find. The sword is actually metal, made as a letter opener. I ordered an assortment of these from somewhere, maybe American Science and Surplus.

Junk, but in this case, pretty junk.