I am retroactively declaring this cartoon to take place on Captain Hardluck’s space ship the “Saving Roll.” However it isn’t shown that way in the location tag because I came up with the name a couple months ago, and then forgot it. So I just created the tag as “Captain Hardluck’s Space Ship,” and only remembered the name afterwards. Trouble is, I don’t know how to delete or edit a location once I’ve created it, so that  correction will have to wait for another day.

If the back wall of the transporter/tanning booth looks somehow strangely familiar, there could be a reason. It’s made from the wall of a Muppets “Pigs in Space” play set, or rather, two of them, one turned upside down and stacked on top of another! I got a bunch of them on clearance for cheap, and they are full of cool parts that turn up in MAW cartoons at various places. The illuminated “transporter” domes are a frequently used part of my lighting setup that only occasionally show up on camera. They’re battery-powered LED “puck lights.” I frequently use them sitting on the ground under characters, just out of camera view, or sometimes tilted up on one edge. They work nicely as spot area lighting, and cast a nice, blue light into shadow areas (you can see it on Number 9’s chest and face here). But in this case, I attached them temporarily to the “ceiling” (Actually the floor of the upper, inverted, play set wall) with Velcro.

This may have been my first MAW use of Pigs in Space parts, almost certainly the wall unit. I may have used some of the console pieces earlier.