I get a lot of mileage out of the bottomless pit. (See what I did there?)

This set uses the wonderful bunk beds from the Power Team “Military Life” play set. I’ve got three or four of them, I think. However, the bunks have a real, old-school military look, and I wanted something a little more futuristic and colorful for Minions at Work. So I found these blankets (scouring cleaning cloths) and pillows (scouring cleaning sponges) in matching colors at a dollar store. They reminded me of some of the bedding seen in the original “Star Trek,” which also had metallic threads in the weave that gave them a sparkly appearance. I also replaced the original O.D. green foam sleeping mats with thicker ones made out of craft foam. Overall, that give me the look I wanted.

And what’s up with the sledge-hammer on the floor next to the lower bunk (lower right of the panel)? The spotlighting on it makes it look like I was trying to draw attention to it, but I don’t remember my intent, if any. It’s possible there’s a joke there that even I’m missing, or maybe the lighting was just an accident. My camera at that point had a fix LCD viewfinder that made it difficult to be sure what was in the shot till I got the memory card back to my computer. My current camera has a larger, movable viewfinder that will make it much easier to frame shots without surprises!