Since the 60s at least, a common cartoon trope has been the character climbing a mountain to find a wise man and gain from him wisdom. I wanted to do that in Minions at Work, but came up with my own spin on it. I’d already mentioned (but not show) an “Ancient Minion” who was quoted as a source of wisdom. It was only natural that I should, instead of a mountain, put him on a mountain of boxes in some “Raiders of the Lost Ark” kind of warehouse. It also gave me a collected way to use all the random warehouse type props that I had collected over time. Most of the crates were made for little soaps and cheeses (don’t get them mixed up!) and other gift items, and fora  while, they were really common in thrift stores. I don’t see them so much any more, but that’s okay. I’ve got my stock in now. Anyway, real wooden crates are one of those organic little details that add a lot to a scene or diorama.