Again, this is a very early cartoon. Note that it says “Minions” instead of “Minions at Work.” The cell door is probably one of the first, major, purpose built props for the Minions, and I still really like it. But when I built it, I just made a door. It has some fake hinges on one edge, but they don’t work, and there’s no actual door frame, nor is there a hole in this wall behind the door! It’s just leaning up there, or stuck up there with the ever-useful Poster-track adhesive putty. There’s a square of black paper or foam behind the door opening. And the hand? Just a disembodied action figure hand jammed in the gap!

By the way, the Post-it on the door is unreadable at this resolution, but I believe it reads:




Another rare appearance by Pax the Minion Dog. Even though he’s basically a statue, I was able to prop him up here, and since you can’t see his unnatural body and leg position (he’s like a table tipped up on two legs) he looks pretty convincingly like he’s begging for treats!

And yes, that’s a miniature “Thunderburger” bag. Thunder-burger came about because somewhere on-line I got a 12″ Thunderbirds Scott Tracy figure for cheap. If you Google it (if you don’t remember it yourself), you’ll discover that the classic Thunderbirds uniforms were kind of goofy looking blue jumpsuits with beauty contest sashes and funny peaked hats that made them look like fast food workers. So I created a whole Thunderbirds thing in the computer: signs, menus, paper bags, cups, fry containers, burger wrappers, the works! I though it would be just hysterical for the Minions to pull the Minionmobile into a drive-through window and Scott Tracy would be there passing out burgers.

But despite all that work, that cartoon never QUITE got done. I did do a panel where they walked into a Thunderburger restaurant, but that just never seemed QUITE as funny. So, I will get to that one at some point in MAW 2.0.