I did this shot for a lighting blog-post I did on my old “One-Sixth” blog years ago. It was just thrown together to demonstrate the use of practical lighting, thus the LED light in the box.  I liked the look of it, so I came up with a punch line for it.  As it happens, the Higgs Boson has actually been found since this. But it was not, so far as I know, found in a box with a Sony Walkman. Huh. That’s a completely unknown Minion behind Minion No. 1. I have no recollection of ever putting him together. Maybe he’s one of the “Joelanta” Minions that fan Tom Brooks put together and sent me back in 2006, though if he is, he’s minus some headgear. I should make an effort to restore them and put them back into the new Minions 2.0 roster. “Fan art” is not the sort of thing you expect in a comic done with action figures, and it should be cherished! Thanks, Tom, if you’re out there.