Sometimes you see something not intended as an action-figure accessory that’s just too perfect not to grab. The Komodo dragon here was one such. He’s soft, rubbery, and has a skin over some sort of softer core that makes him drape very realistically. Thus his tail hangs down here, rather than sticking straight out like it would if he were a hard plastic critter.

Rundown on some of the other props. The columns are wedding cake supports hit with some texture paint. The globe in the foreground was salvaged from a broken solar yard-lamp. The gargoyle is a dollar-store item. The Chinese food container is a print-and-fold prop downloaded from a great site called “Small Stuff’s Print Minis.” They have all sorts of stuff in 1/6th and other scales you can print, cut out, and assemble, from pizza boxes to office supplies, to computers and ammo boxes. Great site. Find them at

The service cart is a favorite accessory, built from a fashion doll shopping cart of unknown origin. I stripped off the basket, removed a mechanism in the base designed to animate a baby sitting in the baby seat (!), and replaced the silly looking wheels with more realistic ones from a small-scale, die-cast, construction vehicle of some sort. A bit of rubber hose was split and put over the handle as a covering. It not only looks more realistic, but it makes it easier for action-figure hands to hold on.