Ah, even the level-headed Minion No. 1 can get a little power-drunk when given command of a — whatever kind of space doohickey they’re flying around in. I never really established that. Maybe in MAW 2.o we’ll see more spaceships.

This set is mostly pieces of the Muppets “Pigs in Space” play set. It’s actually the back walls from TWO of the play9sets, with one upside down on top of the other, to form a single, Minion-height wall. The Muppets console was also mounted on a pedestal to make it tall enough for use. I still have these sets, but that cardboard screen has been upgraded to include an actually video display screen (well, one of those digital picture frames with a remote control, anyway). I also use them as part of the Naughtyless bridge set.

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